Jump-Start Your Way To A Modern Code Base!

An 8-hour weekend online boot camp to help you start modernizing your legacy application.

Get your ticket for the July 11/12 Boot Camp today!

You got excited when you heard about Modernizing Legacy Applications in PHP. Perhaps you even bought the book. At last, here were the step-by-step instructions to help you work your way out of your horrible legacy codebase!

But you never actually got started on doing the work. Or if you did, you got sidelined by day-to-day details. Maybe it was too hard to keep up your motivation. Maybe it's just that you understand better when someone can talk you through the whole process, and see the steps being performed, instead of only reading about them.

Wouldn't it be great if there was some way to get together with other people who have legacy codebases, and walk through the modernizing process from beginning to end together? Then you could get answers about your particular problems, and share your insights with others.

Boot Camp!

Well, now you can, with an online weekend "boot camp" for MLAPHP. During the camp, you will get to review the entire modernization process from basic prerequisities at the beginning to setting up a DI container at the end. After that end-to-end study of the steps involved, you should be able to jump-start your own modernizing project much more easily.

This 8-hour camp will combine lecture and "live" coding with examples. In particular, there will be plenty of opportunity for you to get answers specific to your own modernizing situation, and to chat with other attendees. Think of it as a conference training experience in the comfort of your own home, without the travel hassle and hotel expense.

The two-day camp is on Sat 11 July and Sun 12 July. Each day runs from 12 noon to 4pm (US Central Daylight), with time for breaks built in. That makes it 10am-2pm for Pacific time zone attendees, and 1-5pm for Eastern, which should be convenient for almost everyone.

Get Your Ticket

With your ticket to attend the boot camp, you get:

  • Two days of online boot camp, four hours each
  • Review the entire modernization process from beginning to end
  • With a bonus recording of the camp
  • For $399

This might be the only time I lead this kind of boot camp, so get your ticket while there are still seats available!